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High price or luxury brand name is definitely not a guarantee for more sustainable production methods, high enough wages for garment workers, or active work towards a more sustainable fashion industry. The price or brand is not even a guarantee for quality or product durability.

In luxury, you only pay for the brand — or for the resell value?

Luxury brands can be hella expensive, and one might argue that you are only paying for the logo or name written in the product and the fantasy the brand is selling. But are you actually paying for the resell market, that has…

The construction industry produces nearly one-fourth of global CO2 emissions, not to mention its heavy footprint in NO2 and PM pollution. Crazy, huh? In order to slow down climate change, the development towards decreased environmental impact has to happen in every field — and the development of the construction industry can have a great impact on the overall picture. The ideology of zero-emission construction has recently been raised to the headlines, but what is the meaning behind this term? And is there a possibility to achieve the state of zero-emission construction?

The global construction industry produces an astonishing amount, 23%…

The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has got us all struggling in different ways. The situation has a big effect especially on smaller businesses, which are losing attraction and customers due to the situation. When it comes to small fashion brands, the production and delivery of future collections is also unsure.

In times like these, people need to come together and help one another. In case you are looking for a specific fashion piece or just killing time in quarantine, instead of browsing the websites of big fashion chains, take a look at the collections of Finnish fashion brands who are working…

I’m sure you’re aware of the environmental burden that flying, energy use or the meat industry are producing. But have you ever measured how big an environmental or ethical footprint your wardrobe has? And even further, how much emissions and pollution your clothes are producing when in use?

Fashion is a very unsustainable and unethical industry, and it definitely has its own share on the climate change crisis. Especially if you shop for new clothes regularly, actually the emission and pollution footprint of your clothes might be even bigger than, let’s say, your food consumption.

In our last Kiuas Startups blog Sakari talked about the lack of startup founders coming from the research field. Another challenge arising is the lack of designers in the startup ecosystem — from the perspective of founders and also in the early recruiting of startups.

Kiuas is located in Otaniemi, the home of Aalto University campus. We’ve been successfully helping students from the schools of business and technology to build their ideas, but Aalto University’s school of design, Aalto ARTS, has been a bit…

HEL Tech is a monthly meetup, which gathers Finnish tech scene together to discuss and showcase latest technology trends.

Our program gives an insightful update about the current stage of the tech scene through changing topics: tackling current, burning questions and bringing the top names in the industry to the stage.

First HEL Tech of 2018: Machine Learning

The best way to to get a grasp about HEL Tech is to look into what happened in our last event. …

We recently had the opportunity to chat with Ville-Veikko Laukkanen, executive vice president at Varma, about the future of work.

Tell us a bit about yourself and your background, and how you ended up here

I joined Varma about five years ago. It is very interesting to work and have networks in a company that invests 45 billion euros and has a very interesting client base, ranging from major customers to very small entrepreneurs.

I have been an executive here for about three years. Previously I was responsible for household customers at Nordea in Finland. In about three years’ time…

Maarit Mäkelä from Varma sat down with us to talk about work well-being, stress and entrepreneurship and how it all ties together.

Tell us a bit about your background, what you have done in the past and how you ended up here

I have been a Development Manager at Varma, in the company’s workability management services, since April, so for six months. I started…

Most of us have tested VR glasses for cool games and exciting videos, but after an extreme roller coaster ride or a shooting game with your headset on, you might wonder what would be the actual place and time in everyday life where this technology could bring real value to your life.

One of these fields is the housing market. VR technology opens a new kind of opportunity for customers to get a sneak peek of the houses not yet build. Usually newly built houses have been visualised with the help of floor plans and conceptual drawings for the customer…

FallUp is an entirely volunteer run event and this is why in order to deliver a great event, it is even more important to have a great team behind it. And that we sure have this year! Find out why we are organizing FallUp and what our team members want to achieve, not only with the event, but also on a personal level.

Why FallUp?

Aaltoes was founded to make a difference in the attitudes towards entrepreneurship and accelerate the startup scene in Finland. All of our events are important for this goal, but they take a different perspective to the case…

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